The Cheltenham & Gloucestershire Specialist Breast Clinic

'Thank you all for seeing me promptly - receiving me with care - explaining everything - being caring, friendly, upbeat and thorough.' 

Fortunately, most people that we see are diagnosed with benign breast problems. You should leave our clinic with a clear explanation of your problem and how to manage it. Apart form explaining this to you in the clinic, we also have a variety of written patient information booklets about benign breast problems as well as breast awareness in general. At the end of the consultation, we will often offer you some written information or some more time with one of our dedicated private breast cares specialist nurses, if needed.

Some common problems are listed below

Breast Pain (also known as mastalgia)

Benign lumps - cysts, fibroadenoma ('breast mouse'), fibrocystic change, fat necrosis, mastitis

Nipple discharge - duct ectasia and intra-duct papilloma

Male breast enlargement - gynaecomastia