The Cheltenham & Gloucestershire Specialist Breast Clinic

This is what our patents and their families have said to us about the clinic.

'I have been so well looked after.' Mrs CH Cheltenham 2021 (revision of old breast cancer reconstruction)

'I recently passed my ten year survival date, so I just wanted to thank you and all your team for your care.' Mrs CJ Cotswolds 2021 (cancer patient)

'I really could not have asked for a better "you've got cancer" experience than the one I had with you! Not only are you a gifted surgeon, but also warm, friendly and humane. You really do stand out as one of the very best medical professionals I have known, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.' Mrs NG Oxfordshire 2021 (cancer patient)

'Thank your for making me feel amazing.' Mrs SG Cotswolds 2021 (TiLoop breast reduction)

'Thank you for looking after me so well during my treatment. I can't thank you enough for all being so lovely through such a difficult time.' Mrs ST Cheltenham 2021

'Thank you. What more can I say.' Mrs CG Forest of Dean 2020 (cancer patient)

'Thank you for everything.' Mrs VS London 2020 (cancer patient)

'Thank you for being the most amazing doctor.' Mrs HD Stroud 2020 (cancer patient)

'I'm writing to thank you for my recent breast reduction. As you know I am very pleased indeed, particularly with the inner mesh, which will keep my breasts firm and pert! Your care and that of your nurses has been exemplary.' Mrs VH Cheltenham 2020 (TiLoop breast reduction)

'Thank you for your care and kindness. I wish more doctors were like you!' Mrs BC Cotswolds 2020 (benign patient)

'Thanking you for giving me a second chance. You are a fantastic person.' Mrs JH South Wales 2020 (cancer patient)

'Thank you. You are wonderful, kind and caring.' Mrs JB Worcs 2020 (revision cosmetic surgery)

'We are both really grateful to you. It could have been an awful outcome in other circumstances. We both put you on a very high pedestal.' Mr SE Dorset 2019 (male breast cancer patient)

'Mr James Bristol was extremely professional & caring. I value his skills & kindness greatly, and shall always do so. Helen Rankin was a complete treasure, reassuring, concerned, easy to talk to. I greatly appreciated her help and knowledge - also that of Louise in her absence. Dr Jenkins, my oncologist, was caring, informative and reassuring.' Mrs DS Cotswolds 2019 (cancer patient)

'Thank you so much for your help and kindness - you've put my mind to rest.' Mrs SI Cotswolds 2019 (benign patient)

'For your kindness, compassion, patience, excellent care (and humour!), I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.' Mrs CG 2019 Forest of Dean (cancer patient)

'Thank you for looking after me last week - best news ever and you were so very kind!' Mrs LT Cheltenham 2019 (benign breast problem)

'Thank you so much for all your care and patience. I have been looked after so well and you always put me at my ease. Having the lump removed has changed my life, every day it was the first and last thing I thought about and was always one my mind. Thank you so much for treating me and for explaining everything so i was able to cope with it all. You and your team are amazing and offer such wonderful care.' Mrs KP Stroud 2019 (benign breast problem)

'Approaching 80 years of age, I want you to know how happy and satisfied I am, even years later, with the Breform operation you carried out on my behalf in 2013. I attend for mammography routinely. The procedure has never caused me any problems or inconvenience, and I am son glad I came to see you in the first place. It insult necessary for me to wear a bra (which I always detested wearing anyway).' Mrs JD Yorkshire 2019 (Breform breast uplift)

'I would like to thank you for your kindness and heartfelt support as well as your excellent treatment for me. Without your support, mu decision and life would have been completely different. I am very grateful that you gave me an amazing insight as well as showing some respects of my views.' Mrs AM-S Kent 2018 (Cancer patient)

'Thank you so much for seeing me last week and for giving me such prompt attention. As you can imagine I was really worried after everything else that's happened and so I'm very grateful for your understanding.' Local GP Cheltenham 2018 (Benign breast problem)

'Excellent care - would use again should the occasion arise even with having to self pay' Anon on patient feedback survey 2018

'A huge thank you to you for your unerring patience, kindness and understanding. It has definitely been a challenging time that seems to magnify all the emotions. I am super grateful.' Mrs LW Cheltenham 2018 (Benign breast problem)

'Thanks always for looking after me, it has been very much appreciated' Mrs DR Surrey 2018 (Cancer patient)

'As the great Consultant Scientist William Osler quoted - "The good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease". Thank you sincerely for doing both with such positive mindful energy and spirality, the true spirit of life.' Mrs IW County Durham 2017 (Cancer patient)

'Thank you for your time and kindness when assessing me for a breast lump earlier this year. Your generosity was most unexpected. The chocolates are only a small token in comparison to the peace of mind you gave me.' Hospital Doctor Birmingham 2017 (benign breast problem)

'It was real pleasure to meet you and thank you again for making us feel reassured and in safe hands.' Mrs LM Cotswolds 2017 (Cancer patient)

'Once more I thank you most sincerely for your kind care and calm reassurance.' Mrs CW Cheltenham 2017 (Cancer patient)

'It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for seeing me so quickly, and helping me to understand what I have, which is fortunately treatable. Also your kindness and humour.' Mrs JL Cheltenham 2017 (Cancer patient)

'I wanted to write and thank you for your kindness and speed in seeing us. I feel we were in complete shock and your explanation of the procedures, sensitivity and positive enthusiasm has really helped me to go onwards with strength. My husband has also been comforted by the way you dealt with everything and also so relieved when he knew how quickly things were moving. I think you made an awful situation bearable and although I am not looking forward to the treatments ahead, I know that it is the right path long term.' Mrs KS Cotoswolds 2017 (Cancer patient)

'From the moment I met Mr Chan (Charlie) he made me feel so at ease. With his positive energy, genuine care, and ability to explain things clearly, really helps with dealing with anxiety and uncertainty of the further.' Anon on patient feedback survey 2017

'I would just like to thank you and your team for the wonderful way you all looked after me during this hiccup in my life. You were all there with kind help and support from the beginning to such a great result in the end. Of course a skilful piece of surgery on your behalf!' Mrs RM Cotswolds 2017 (Cancer patient)

'After one year, I thought it time to thank you for all the care and kindness you have given me. It has been beyond expectation and you personally made the experience tolerable.' Mrs MC Cheltenham 2017 (Cancer patient)

'Outstanding care. Everyone was kind and thoughtful throughout. Mr Chan was reassuring and skilful in his treatment. Thank you.' Anon on patient feedback survey 2017

'My experience with Mr Chan has ben fantastic. He's been reassuring and to the point, which has helped me with the unknown. Thank you so much.' Anon on patient feedback survey 2017

'100% satisfied with the care I received. I could not have been put more at ease.' Anon on patient feedback survey 2017

'I was very impressed with the prompt and efficient service offered by you and your team. You were all lovely.' Mrs RMcC Gloucester 2017 (Benign breast problem)

'I wanted to let you know how very grateful I am for your wonderful care recently. As a GP there are fears and insecurities when faced with being a patient, but you were very kind and totally reassuring. You run a fantastic clinic which I have had personal experience of now.' Local GP Cheltenham 2016 (Benign breast problem)

'A very clear, kind and reassuring appointment, dealt with in the utmost respect and professional manner, with true caring and kindness.' Mrs LF Cheltenham 2016 (Benign breast problem)

'Thank you so much for a fantastic and very warm human treatment yesterday.' Danish GP Aarhus Denmark 2016 (Cancer patient)

'I wanted to write to thank Charlie for the fabulous care I have received from him over the past two years. My surgery went incredibly smoothly and all the pre- and post-op care from both Charlie and Helen was absolutely brilliant.' Mrs LL Cotswolds 2016 (Breast cancer patient)

'Fantastic! Very comforting, couldn't have asked for more.' Anon on patient feedback survey Gloucestershire 2016

'Thank you so much for looking after Mum. Here is a drawing of a dancing man for the Rock Doc!' Daughter of Mrs JT 2016 (Breast cancer patient)

'Lovely man - yes, I would definitely recommend the centre.' Anon on patient feedback survey Gloucestershire 2016 

'Thanking you as always for everything you have done for me, in particular this, my fifth year, when told I am still cancer free. What a relief!' Mrs LH Cirencester 2016 (Cancer patient)

'May I please start off saying that I have received such great care from the nurses when I stayed in overnight at the Nuffield. From the HCAs and housekeepers to the doctors and nurses, they were all kind and friendly. They all made me feel cared for, looked after me and respected me. Thank you for all your help and professional skills for what you have done for me. It will now be a huge change to my life in a positive way (plus bring back my confidence)' Miss C O'B Cheltenham 2016 (Breast reduction patient)

'Thank you once again for looking after me and my family. I have been reassured that I am in the safest of hands and the most skilled! I feel I am on the road to recovery now. You have a fantastic team, and you have all made this unexpected journey bearable.' Mrs JMJ Cheltenham 2016 (Cancer patient)

'My sincere thanks to Mr Chan and Helen in the care that I have received during my two visits to the Nuffield. My mind has been put at ease and I will now enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy. I am very grateful!' Mrs EK Napier, New Zealand 2016 (Breast problem during pregnancy)

'Dear Helen, I just want to thank you for all your support over the past few months. It has been of great comfort knowing you were there to answer any of my questions or concerns. I can't begin to tell you how reassuring that is, not just for me but also for my family.' Mrs JG Cheltenham 2016 (Cancer patient)

'Dear Louise, Thank you for all your help and kindness. I really appreciate it.' Mrs JG Cheltenham 2016 (Cancer patient)

'Mr Chan is an excellent professional and a credit to his profession. His ability o put one at ease and treat you as a person should be "rolled out" across the whole medical profession. I received the most excellent service today at the Nuffield Hospital from all the staff - Consultant, Breast Care Nurse and Mammogram Radiographer. I can not praise them all highly enough. The speed in which I was dealt with was amazing. Thank you for taking so much care of me and making me feel in very safe capable hands.' Mrs AU Cotswolds 2016 (benign breast problem)

'All fears I had before my appointment just faded away. The treatment and concern shown was exceptional. Put my mind at ease and would not be worried to visit again in the future. Thank you.' Anon 2016 (feedback on patient survey)

'I would like to thank all the staff at the Nuffield Hospital for the wonderful care they gave me. Every single person goes out of their way to make you feel relaxed and comfortable before, during and after my operation. A huge thank you to Dr Chan. You have changed my life.' Anon 2016 (feedback on patient survey)

'Extremely satisfied with all aspects of booking, confirmation and discussing of case. All healthcare providers and receptionists were attentive and helpful. Overall I felt at ease and in professional hands. Would highly recommend..' Anon 2016 (feedback on patient survey)

'Very happy throughout my appointment and treatment and would always recommend and encourage people to come here' Anon 2016 (feedback on patient survey)

'Thank you for seeing me so promptly and for giving me some of your valuable time and expertise. It was clear for you to see that I was struggling in my own mind as to which way the breast cancer treatment could, or should, move forward especially where the reconstruction was concerned. Your consultation has been instrumental in providing me with peace of mind (as much as one can have, given the circumstances!). Now I feel I fully understand the situation I find myself in and am confident that I have all the information I require in order to make informed decisions on the different treatment options.' Mrs JM Naunton 2016 (Cancer patient)

 'Thank you so much for all your care and for remembering our Golden Wedding Anniversary' Mrs AB Stow on the Wold 2016 (Cancer patient)

'Thank you for what you have done for me. It is something I have wanted for a long time. Thank you for making it possible.'  Miss BS Cheltenham 2016 (Breast augmentation)

'A big thank you for seeing me so promptly. Thanks once again for sorting me out!" Local GP Tewkesbury 2016 (Benign breast problem)

'May I take this opportunity to thank you for arranging to see me promptly, your kindness to me and the subsequent favourable result.' Mrs SR Cheltenham 2016 (Benign breast problem)

'I wish to express my huge gratitude to Charlie for his skills, expertise, guidance and wonderful care in helping me to reach the right decisions with my treatment. Helen and Louise have also shown great understanding and support in helping me cope with everything that has been going on over the last couple of months. What an amazing team you have at the Nuffield - thank you all.' Mrs MD Cheltenham 2016 (Cancer patient)

'What a wonderful team of people. In what has been the most worrying few days of my life I could not have hoped for more compassion or professionalism. Thank you! Mrs HK Dursley 2016 (Benign breast problem)

'Thank you all for seeing me promptly - receiving me with care - explaining everything - being caring, friendly, upbeat and thorough.' Anon 2016 (feedback on patient survey)

'A wonderful team, facilitating a quick appointment, mammogram and consultant appointment. Caring. lovely people. No hesitation in spreading the word.' Anon 2016 (feedback on patient survey)

'Absolutely first class service. Rapid appointment given and results given ASAP. Professional care at all times. We felt very reassured.' Anon 2016 (feedback on patient survey)

'Mr Chan was very caring and explained everything very thoroughly. I would recommend him to my family and friends.' Mrs ME Cheltenham 2016 (Benign breast problem)

'A brief note only to thank you for your wonderfully prompt and considerate care of me, just before Christmas. We both appreciated getting a diagnosis so quickly at a critical time for us. We are aware of the potential pitfalls of asking for care outside the NHS, and in another authority. However, we are so pleased we took the plunge and now look forward positively to our holiday abroad.' Mrs ET Oxfordshire 2015 (Benign breast problem)

'Thank you for your guidance, skill, care and support in getting me through the last couple of months.' Mrs MH Cheltenham 2015 (Cancer patient)

'Please excuse the liberty I take in addressing you by your first name, but I really feel as though I am writing to a long known friend. This is an overdue card to thank you warmly for all the care and attention you have given me over the last year. The help, advice and general friendliness shown by yourself, Helen and indeed all the medical staff from the various departments with whom I have come into contact during this time, have been essential ingredients in dealing with an unexpected and unusual experience for me, and have made everything so much easier to cope with. Thank you so much for everything - I am pleased and reassured that our paths have crossed.' Mrs MB Cheltenham 2015 (Cancer patient)

'I am so pleased with what have done for my self confidence. For that I thank you very very much. As they say - Better late than never.' Mrs PD Cheltenham 2015 (Breast reduction patient)

'What a wonderful team of people. In what has been the most worrying days of my life, I could not have hoped for more compassion or professionalism. Thank you!' Mrs HK Dursley 2015 (Benign breast problem)

'Helen even though I am a ember of staff, you were professional, you were sensitive and caring. Every nurse should to aspire to be like you. Mr Bristol was caring and put me at ease. I could not have asked for better care. Thank you to you both. You are both fabulous.' Mrs AH Cheltenham 2015 (benign breast problem)

'Thank you for all your kindness - you help to make the unbearable bearable' Mrs BA, Moreton in Marsh 2015 (Cancer patient)

'We are all so grateful for the extraordinary level of care which you have shown us over the past 10 years. From our first meeting following my shock diagnosis in April 2005, to my operation, tests, results and regular consultations, you have always had my needs, and our needs as family at the forefront. We have appreciated the openness and 'bedside manner' of both you and Sean Elyan (oncologist) and realise how fortunate we have been in these respects too.' Mrs JW, Cheltenham 2015 (Cancer patient)

'I am writing to thank all the staff at Nuffield Hospital. I saw Mr Chan in January and had my operation on March 3rd. From the time I walked in the first time, I was treated with such kindness and respect from everybody, the nursing staff on the ward were amazing, the theatre people that I met were so reassuring. Finally Mr Chan, what an amazing and kind man, he gave me such confidence and has been so reassuring every step of the way. Again my very sincere thanks to everybody, you all do an amazing job' Mrs VC, Gloucester 2015 (Breform patient)

'Thank you for seeing me in the clinic last thursday. It was a wonderful relief for me to have my mind set at rest but I was also touched by your kindness and understanding. I had hoped to feel reassured but had also expected to feel rather silly. Instead, the time you spent listening to me made me see that it was a legitimate concern which we were right to deal with by seeking an early expert opinion. Many thanks again for your time." Mrs SH, Cheltenham 2015 (Benign breast problem)

'Big Big thanks x !' Mrs LE, Gloucester 2015 (Benign breast problem)

'I wish to thank you for dealing so swiftly with my health problem and for your encouragement all along. I am most grateful to you and your team for the attention I received before, during and after my operation.' Mrs HL, Cheltenham 2015 (Cancer patient)

'Please may I say thank you for all your kind & helpful advice during a very difficult time - it is very much appreciated.' Mr HH. Cheltenham 2015 (Cancer patient)

 'I would like to say how extremely grateful to you, both for your excellent clinical care, and also your compassion and kindness towards me, in the circumstances of difficult times. It was my good fortune to land at your door and have you guide me through my operations and then care for me afterwards. I thank you most sincerely, for I think you do a difficult job incredibly well, and I am so grateful that you do.' Mrs CW, Cheltenham 2015 (Cancer patient)

'I can't thank you enough for all you kindness,help and advice when I came to see you. I will never forget it, both 9 years ago and more recently.' Mrs CM, Cheltenham 2015 (Cancer patient)

'I am writing to express my gratitude to Charlie Chan and the rest of your team at the Nuffield Hospital Cheltenham for the wonderful level of care I received during my recent breast reduction/uplift operation in February. Everyone I dealt with was absolutely brilliant, including the anaesthetist, nursing staff on the ward and in the recovery room. My follow up care from Charlie, Louise and Helen has been excellent and I am absolutely over the moon with my results. It was a huge decision for me to go ahead with the surgery. It was a massive relief to be looked after so well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Charlie and his team.' Mrs AH, Cheltenham 2015 (Breast reduction/uplift patient)

'Thank you for your kindness and patience throughout.' Mrs GB, Cheltenham 2015 (Cancer patient)

'This is to let you know how much I have valued and appreciated the extremely professional care I have received from the Nuffield in 2014/15. My surgeon Miss Fiona Court with Mr Chan and Helen Rankin have given me exceptional care, surgery and shown sensitivity in every way during a difficult time for me. I have to say that my total experience from pre-engagement to reception, preparation for the operation, the surgery itself and the after-care has been first class. Nothing was ever too much trouble even when clashing with out of hours and personal lives. I spent several weeks on Cotswold ward, and again my experience with Sister Wendy, resident doctor Maria, the staff nurses, health assistants, physiotherapists, cheerful catering, cleaning staff and the porters have all been positive. I am at this point unable to remember everyones' names but from a personal perspective it really helped having such dedicated people around me, always with a smile and showing such consideration. What really stood out through a trying time was the feeling of being totally supported by a super tight team with Fiona, Charlie and Helen helping me through every step of the way.' Mrs AS, Cotswolds 2015 (Cancer patient)

We wish to thank you so much for all your amazing, sincere and positive input. We know that I would not be in such a good place without your knowledge, advice, expertise and skills. I have been extremely lucky to have had the opportunity of you being my consultant surgeon. An enormous thank you to you and your team.' Mrs JP, Hereford 2015 (Cancer patient)

'Dear Helen, No words can express our gratitude to you for all your caring support, professional advice, attention god eatil and patience - far beyond anything we could ever have imagined. A very special thank you to you!' Mrs JP, Hereford 2015 (Cancer patient)

'I would like to thank you for the straightforward and sympathetic way which you dealt with us.' Mr CH 2015, Cheltenham (Cancer patient)

 'Thanks for looking after me so well, it is so very much appreciated. What a great team!' Mrs DR, Surrey 2015 (Cancer patient)

'I would like to thank you for all your care and kindness. I think you are a wonderful man and fantastic surgeon. You always treated me with such kindness and compassion.' Mrs GM, Stonehouse 2015 (Cancer patient)

'Thank you for all your patience over the year and the kindness and advice you gave me.' Mrs RB, Painswick 2015 (Cancer patient)

'I wanted to thank you very much for all the care that you have shown me during my treatment. Your friendly and relaxed attitude helped me to be confident and not worry about the diagnosis. Thank you for including my husband, daughter and best friend during the consultations. It was greatly appreciated by them.' Mrs JS, Cheltenham 2014 (Cancer patient)

 'A heartfelt thank you for all you have done for us over the past few weeks.' Mrs KJ, Cheltenham 2014 (Cancer patient)

'Thank you Helen (Rankin) for holding my hand through so much of this year...certainly the toughest bits. I do honestly feel that I am just about through the woods now....your wise advice and care and loving support has been the most wonderful help.' Mrs LF, Cheltenham 2014 (Cancer patient)

'Dear Helen (Rankin), I just wanted to say how much I appreciated being able to phone you whenever I had a query or need reassuring. You have always been so friendly and kind. Thank you so much.'  Mrs JS, Cheltenham 2014 (Cancer patient)

'I feel so very privileged to have met you. Your skill, professionalism, compassion and understanding are greatly to be admired. I thank you for all the wonderful care you have shown me, and the beautiful shape you have given me. I will always remember your amazingly sunny and friendly nature.' Mrs JL, Hampshire 2014 (Breast implant patient)

'Thank you for all your patience and the kindness and advice you have given me.' Mrs RB, Painswick, 2014 (Cancer patient)

'Many thanks for all your help & kindness to both my husband and I over the years.' Mrs JH, Hertfordshire, 2014 (Cancer patient)

'Many thanks for your help and kindness over the summer.' Mrs S L, Cheltenham, 2014

'I thank you more than I can say for the excellent treatment you have given me. I had no pain or ill effects after the operation itself, and at each check-up the nurse in attendance has said "Wow, you can hardly see the scar. Very neat." or words to that effect. My husband and I really appreciate the care you have given me.' Mrs FM, Cheltenham, 2014 (Cancer patient)

'Thank you so much for all the help and encouragement you have given me over the last few weeks. Your advice and attention helped to make what could have been a difficult time so much easier to cope with.' Mrs MB, Cheltenham, 2014 (Cancer patient)

'I know that I expressed my gratitude to you and your team shortly after my surgery, but I feel I need to extend my thanks to cover the additional care I have been given in the months following. I feel it is important to say that this as a whole process has been so beneficial in so many areas. Not only has the surgery made a huge difference to my appearance, but it has given me the motivation to look after myself, and more importantly, the opportunity to exercise. In addition, I no longer suffer the neck and back pain, the constant tension in the top of my shoulder blades has gone and it is a huge relief not to have any pain and discomfort. Once again"thank you" just doesn't go far enough, but it is genuinely meant.' Mrs BK, Cheltenham, 2014 (Breform patient)

'Dearest Helen (Rankin), From one very relieved, grateful & happy patient, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loving care, thoughtfulness & understanding. I am truly grateful for the treatment I have received from Mr Bristol & yourself & have much to be thankful for.' Mrs CM, Lechlade 2014 (Cancer patient)

'Thank you very, very much for taking such prompt action when you realised there was a problem.' Mrs RW, Cheltenham 2014 (Cancer patient)

'I've never experienced a roller coaster quite like the one I've been on recently, but it was certainly made easier by the skilful way you managed my concerns on that first day. Thank you again.' Miss CH, Cheltenham 2014 (Cancer patient)

'I am writing to thank you very much for treating me with such care and attention. Your support has been so reassuring over the past few weeks and my family are so grateful for all your kindness and compassion. I would also like to thank you for making me feel so secure during those times when I felt apprehensive and uncomfortable. You helped me get through the difficult and frightening experience. I feel truly blessed to have you as my consultant.' Mrs DY, Cheltenham 2014 (Cancer patient)

'Dear Helen (Rankin), Just a note and a small gift for the wonderful care you have given me over the past few weeks. I can't thnk you enough for all your kindness, attentiveness and compassion - you are a very special person.' Mrs DY, Cheltenham 2014 (Cancer patient)

'We are gradually being able to put behind us the events of the last 9 months. Thank you for all your care and kindness during that time.' Mrs FL, Gloucester 2014 (Cancer patient)

'I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and your team for the excellent care you have given me. I feel extremely privileged to have been treated by you and wish there was more I could say than Thank You. You have given me a new lease of life and already my self confidence has grown. Helen (Rankin) has been compassionate and caring at every visit and I could not have had anyone more attentive. Sue (Nichols) has accomodated me throughout the whole process and was always at the end of a telephone to answer any questions.' Mrs BK, Cheltenham 2014 (Breform patient)

'Thank you once again for your kindness.' Mrs CG, Stroud 2014 (Cancer patient)

'Thank you so much for all you have done for me.' Mrs JS, Cheltenham 2014 (Cancer patient)

'Thank you for looking after my Mum.' Children of Mrs EK, Tewkesbury 2014 (Cancer patient)

'I would like to thank you and your lovely team for their kind words and support you all gave me. Starting my journey today, and I know I'm in good hands surrounded by lovely people.' Miss JD, Cheltenham 2014 (Cancer patient)

'I felt fully informed at all times...The final result of the surgery is aesthetically great too. Charlie Chan is obviously a very skilled surgeon, for which I am eternally grateful...Thank you for being so brilliant!' Mrs CP, Cheltenham 2014 (Cancer patient)

'Cannot put in words how lucky I felt to have Mr Chan as my doctor. Professional, kind, honest and I felt completely safe in his hands. :) Thank you' Miss GC, Cheltenham 2014 (Cancer patient)

'I could not be in better hands.' Mrs JL, Hampshire 2014 (Breast implant patient)

'It is hard to find the right words to say thank you for your help, support and expertise that you have given me over the past year. You have really helped to make a difficult time better.' Mrs VP Tewkesbury 2014 (Cancer patient)

'I can't thank you enough, and the staff at the Nuffield for all your support. It has made coping with the fact I have had cancer easier.' Mrs VH Winchcombe 2014 (Cancer patient)

'Her smile says it all...thank you' Mrs KJ, Cheltenham 2013 (Breast reduction patient)

'Thank you so much for your expertise and support.' Mrs SW, Hereford 2013 (Cancer patient)

'...Because of your manner & putting me at ease, your professionalism and your advice, I knew I would be in "good hands". Thank you does not come close to describing my gratitude for all that you have done for me' Mrs EW, Gloucester 2013 (Cancer patient)

'Thank you so much for your kind attention this morning. I am sorry that I was not my usual self, but I feel better already' Mrs MS, Cheltenham 2013 (Cancer patient)

'Thank you so very much for the amazing care, kindness and support that you have given me again. I can't tell you how much we both appreciate everything you have done to me.' Mrs JI, Cheltenham 2013 (Cancer patient)

' I have to thank you, rather belatedly, for performing my Breform breast lift... I am very pleased with the result, and therefore thank you for your expertise. The procedure has helped me to feel that much more comfortable and confident about myself.' Mrs JD, Scarborough 2013 (Breform breast uplift patient - Aged 75!)

'I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me and for making such a huge difference to my life.' Mrs TN, Cheltenham 2013 (Breform breast reduction patient)

'JUST BRILLIANT - I can't recommend Charlie Chan more highly. I am currently 5 days post op and his care has been outstanding. I discovered I had PIP implants in December 2011 (Given to me by the Txxxxxx Group in 2004) Charlie has demonstrated an enormous amount of patience answering my many questions and concerns. He took a great deal of time ensuring that we discussed what exactly I wanted from his surgery and he explained everything clearly and in great detail. After my first consultation, he made sure that I had time to go away and think about everything and then arranged for a second consultation prior to surgery. Not only is he an excellent talented surgeon but he has a very caring nature. Often rarely found together!
I had not been happy with my previous Breast Augmentation by Mr Xxxxx at Txxxxx Group. They were very asymmetrical and “drooping”. I am AMAZED at the result Charlie has achieved for me. I thought I would need an up lift to get the look I wanted but Charlie has managed to give me exactly what I wanted. Natural looking, pert and importantly, symmetrical.
The care at the Nuffield Cheltenham was outstanding. I could not have asked for better care. The nurses were just brilliant and attentive. They ensured any pain was controlled and calmed my nerves before surgery. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Charlie Chan. You will be in the best hands.' Mrs VP, Needham Market, Suffolk 2012 (Breast implant patient) 

'Thank you doesn't say nearly enough but 'thank you' for all that you have done for us' Mrs AM, Hereford 2012 (Cancer patient)

'As one of your breast implant patients I would like to thank you and the other County surgeons for your swift response to the PIP crisis (Gloucestershire Echo - 22nd December 2011). It was so reassuring to be informed quickly that no women treated on the NHS or at the Cheltenham Nuffield Hospital had had PIP implants for either cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. The early clarification of the situation in Gloucestershire meant that the worry was removed immediately for many women, such as myself. When a situation like this arises and everything is thrown into doubt, it is reassuring to know that the expertise and care that we all witnessed first hand still carries on tirelessly in the background on our behalf.' Mrs JM, Cheltenham 2011 (Breast implant patient)

'Thank you so much for all your kindness and support' Mrs PP, Cheltenham (Cancer patient)

'Thank you for being so positive and life affirming' Mrs SH, Cheltenham (Cancer patient)

'We just wanted to say a very big thank you for all you have done for me, and for all the attention I have received. We are so thrilled with the results.' Mrs GB, Cheltenham (Breast implant patient)

'Thank you so much for all your professional care and kindness during my recent consultations and surgery for breast cancer. I consider myself fortunate to not only having such a skilled surgeon, but also an extremely nice man treating me.' Mrs ME, Cheltenham (Cancer patient)

Thank you again for your expert surgery and care. I am so pleased and just wish I had done it ten years ago now! Thank you for giving me a D cup size. Miss JR, France (Breast implant patient)

'Many thanks for all your kindness. I am really thrilled with my new assets!' Mrs NW, Cheltenham (Breast implant patient)