The Cheltenham & Gloucestershire Specialist Breast Clinic

'Fantastic! Very comforting, couldn't have asked for more.' 

Welcome to, your specialist breast clinic at the Cheltenham Nuffield Hospital in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL51 6SY. If you have a worrying Breast problem such as a lump, nipple discharge or change in shape of your breast, then we can offer you all the required diagnostic tests and a consultation in a "One Stop Clinic", with availability every weekday. The clinic is fully equipped with the latest digital mammogram and ultrasound equipment. If you need an operation, this can be done in Cheltenham.

Alternatively if you are seeking advice about cosmetic surgery, such as Breast Implants (Breast augmentation / enlargement), Breast Reduction, Breast Uplift (Mastopexy), or the new BREFORM 'Internal Bra', come and see one of our Consultant Breast Surgeons.  Our aim is to look after all your breast concerns.

We spend the majority of our working week caring for women and men with breast complaints.We offer diagnosis, advice and treatment for benign breast conditions and breast cancer. We provide breast reconstruction surgery for women who have had mastectomy or lumpectomies. We also offer a full range of cosmetic breast surgery options including breast implants (augmentation), breast reduction, breast uplift (mastopexy), revision surgery, BREFORM and treatment for male breast enlargement (gynaecomastia).

All our patients can be reassured that they will be treated to the highest standards. We have the following features in our service, which are not normally found in the majority UK private hospitals.

Private dedicated breast care specialist nurses available in every clinic.

Private dedicated breast care specialist nurse advice and telephone service for our patients.

Private dedicated weekly multidisciplinary meetings at the Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital to discuss biopsy results and care of patients diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Private Cosmetic Surgery Breast weekly multidisciplinary meetings - First in the UK.

Our three surgeons are members of the Association of Breast Surgeons and help write UK guidelines for treating people with breast diseases and cancer. We have also appeared on Channel 4's health awareness programmes 'Embarrassing Illnesses' & 'Embarrassing Bodies', BBC Radio 2, Radio 4 & Radio 5 Live and have contributed to articles in the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sunday Express as well as local newspapers and radio.

Although the majority of our patients live in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Cirencester, the Forest of Dean and the Cotswolds, we also looks after many patients from Herefordshire or Worcestershire. We have treated a number of patients from different parts of the UK, as well as some from Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong & China. We are easy to find in Cheltenham GL51 6SY on this MAP , located a mile away from Junction 11 of the M5 in Gloucestershire.

Please note that we usually have availability every week day to see one of our consultants. We try to offer every patient an appointment within one working day.


1 July 2016 - Presentation of our data on the Cosmetic Breast MDT and Breform in beeast cancer patients at the BAPRAS Summer Meeting in Bristol

17 May 2016 - Charlie Chan and Fiona Court have been presenting at the Association of Breast Surgery Conference in Manchester on a number of topics from diagnostic ultrasound to cancer surgery and Breform.

3 April 2016 - Patient survey results  from January - March 2016 continue to show that 100% of patients seen at our clinic would recommend us to their "Friends and Family".

21 March 2016 - We will be presenting our experience on the Cosmetic MDT, Breform, Oncotype DX and Ultrasound Diagnostics at the Association of Breast Surgery Conference in Manchester (May) and at the British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Conference in Bristol (June)

15 January 2016 - Discussing pressures on NHS cancer waiting times

BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Charlie Chan talks to Mark Cummings on the Breakfast show (from 2h 07 mins) about the poor performance of Gloucestershire NHS services in meeting the NHS Cancer Waiting target of 62 days from GP referral to start of cancer treatment (74.6% in Gloucestershire v 85% National target - NHS England national average 83.5%). He talks about the effect of waiting on patients and how people find uncertainty difficult to deal with. However, he reassures listeners that the delays are unlikely to alter the outcome or prognosis for local cancer patients.

4th January 2016 - Cosmetic surgery multi-disciplinary meetings - UK first

Every week, we have a multidisciplinary meeting to discuss biopsy results and the management of our breast cancer patients. This includes the routine discussion of reconstruction cases before surgery. Last year, we decided to start discussing all our cosmetic surgery cases as well, both pre- and post-operatively. This means that all our patients can benefit from a panel discussion of each case by up to 4 consultant surgeons and 2 breast care nurses to ensure that the best options and techniques are used. It also means that we review the results of every case to ensure that all our patients are getting the optimum outcomes. This new development extends beyond the recommendations made by Sir Bruce Keogh, the Medical Director of the NHS, in his report on cosmetic surgery in 2013 following the PIP implant scandal. We hope that this will reassure our patients that patient safety and high quality care are at the centre of our service.

31st December 2015 - Happy New Year to all our patients

The results from our December 2015 outpatient survey show that 100% of our patients would recommend us to their "Friends and Family". Here is a comment from a retired nurse, who came to see us this month.

"Thank you for your wonderfully prompt and considerate care of me just before Christmas. We both so appreciated getting a diagnosis so speedily at a critical time for us. We are aware of the potential pitfalls of asking for care outside the NHS, and in another authority. However, we are so pleased  we took the plunge."

We will be open again as usual on 4th January 2016.

Christmas 2015 - Opening times

We would like to wish all our patients, their family and friends a very Happy Christmas. Thank you very much for your support over the last year. 

Although we will not be having clinics over the Christmas weekend, we have clinic availability ever day up to Christmas Eve and also on the 29th, 30th and 31st December. Please contact Sue, our PA, on 01242 246524 if you would like to make an appointment. If any of our existing patients have concerns over the Christmas weekend, they can contact the hospital on 01242 246500, who will then liaise with the treating consultant.

1st December 2015 - Survey results show that 100% of patients seen at our clinic would recommend us to their "Friends and family".

Sept-Nov 2015 quarterly results from our new survey given to all new patients seen at our clinic shows that all our patients have been very satisfied with their care and that 100% would recommend us in the "Friends and family" test.

16th June 2015 - First UK series of Breform patients presented at the Association of Breast Surgeons Meeting in Bournemouth - Poster Prize Session

Charlie Chan presents the first reported series of UK Breform patients. This includes the novel use of Breform in breast cancer patients as well as its normal use in women requesting breast reduction or breast uplift. If you would like to listen to this short talk, the talk is available on the Association of Breast Surgeons website, (click on Session 19 starting at slide 22).

22nd May 2015 - Talking about giving good  and bad news

BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Mark Cummings talks to Charlie Chan (starting at 1h 56mins) about the challenges of giving good and bad news to people. Although giving bad news can be hard to convey sensitively, sometimes unexpected good news can also be difficult. Part of a BBC Radio Gloucestershire series talking to a transplant co-ordinator, police liaison officer, relationship counsellor & National Lottery manager.

18th May 2015 - Discussing the Government's new proposals to offer a 7 day NHS service.

BBC Radio 5 Live

Charlie Chan talks to Emma Barnett on the Afternoon Edition (from 22 mins 15 secs) about the challenges of meeting the Government's pledge to offer a 7 day NHS service by 2020.

11 February 2015 - Discussing pioneering new cancer treatments arising from our new knowledge of genetic changes in cancer cells

BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Discussing the implications of the revolution in DNA sequencing, which now allows us to read the entire genetic code for an individual in a few days at an affordable cost (£thousands in 2015 v £hundreds of millions in 2000). This advanced technology now allows cancer scientists to identify genetic abnormalities in an individual's own cancer cells, allowing doctors to design new drugs to treat these specific genetic cancer defects.

Charlie Chan speaks to Mark Cummings on the Breakfast Show (from 2hrs 06 mins) about the forthcoming Panorama programme on BBC1, filmed over 18 months at the Royal Marsden Hospital and Institute of Cancer Research in London.

2 January 2015 - Talking about why many cancers might be down just to chance

BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Talking this afternoon on drivetime radio (starting at 1h 08 mins) about todays health headline story - that many cancers occur purely by chance. Charlie Chan discusses the paper by Tomasetti and Vogelstein from the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, published in Science

24 December 2014 - Funding row about NHS specialist services - BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio 5 Live

Following a letter from over 300 specialists in the Daily Telegraph, Charlie Chan talks to Colin Paterson about the funding pressures in the NHS. In spite of increased funding, specialist services, such as some cancer services, cost more to deliver than NHS hospitals receive in payment.

10 November 2014 - Why men should check themselves for breast cancer - Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph

One of our patients talks to the Daily Telegraph about his diagnosis of male breast cancer and the effect this disease has had on his family. The use of the Oncotype DX test has enabled this patient to be spared chemotherapy. James Bristol discusses the issues about male breast cancer, and why this is much more poorly studied that the disease in women. Mr Bristol is campaigning for a national database for male breast cancer, so that this rare disease and the treatments can be studied more closely. 

26 October 2014 - Emma Barnett - BBC Radio 5 Live

Interview with Charlie Chan on Breast Cancer Awareness Month in a pilot episode for Emma Barnett's new BBC Radio 5 Live Sunday evening show, due to start next month.

22 October 2014 - Q Awards - Wilko Johnson


Delighted to hear that Wilko Johnson, the  ground breaking guitarist from Dr Feelgood, is free from his pancreatic cancer. He has been a role model for other people facing cancer, with his refusal to be beaten.

13 October 2014 - Police Officer speaks of her breast cancer battle, to raise awareness of the disease.

Gloucestershire Echo

One of our patients bravely talks to a journalist to raise awareness about breast cancer and her plans to raise money for cancer charities.

October 2014 - Breast Awareness Open Events - Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centre, Gloucester GL4 3HR

As part of our commitment to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will be hosting a number of free Q&A events for women, their partners, family and friends at the Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centre, Gloucester GL4 3HR. These events will last about 90 minutes each and will be on the following dates

20th October 2014 @ 1930hrs

22nd October 2014 @ 1200hrs

28th October 2014 @ 1000hrs

If you would like to come, please call 01452 634400, although you are most welcome to attend without booking.

25th September 2014 - BBC Radio Gloucestershire with Mark Cummings

BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Mark Cummings interviews Charlie Chan about a new study published in the BMJ Open journal. This study from London looked at 92,000 women, who were now in their 50s; these women were asked about their skirt size when they were in their 20s and now in their 50s. It shows that women, who go up a dress/skirt size every 10 years between their 20s to 50s, can increase their risk of breast cancer. Although the proportional increase is 33%, the absolute increase in risk for an individual is actually much smaller. On the other hand, about a quarter of the women lost weight and went down a dress size or two; women, who lost a dress size or two, reduced their risk of breast cancer. If this study's results were to be confirmed, then this would give women an easily understood message, with the potential that losing weight with exercise and a healthy diet might benefit them in the future.

18th August 2014 - BBC Radio Scotland, Newsdrive with Bill Whitefoot

BBC Radio Scotland

Bill Whitefoot chats to Charlie Chan about the recent data showing significant improvements in the death rates from the 4 most common cancers - breast, prostate, bowel and lung. This encouraging news is tempered by the fact that death rates from other cancers has remained static or even risen over the last 2-3 decades. The difficulties of running clinical trials in patients with rare cancers are explained. The numbers of people dying from all the rare cancers exceeds the total for people dying with the 4 most common types. The Medical Innovation Bill is discussed, and the patient safeguards outlined to ensure the vulnerable people are not exploited. A new database, to be housed at the University of Oxford, will collect all the information about patients having novel therapies; this will allow proper scientific analysis over time.

13th August 2014 - BBC Radio 2, Jeremy Vine Show with Paddy O'Connell

BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show

Paddy O'Connell interviews Charlie Chan with the Radio 2 GP, Sarah Jarvis. They talk about the possibility of using "untested" drugs in the UK, as proposed by the Medical Innovation Bill. Charlie Chan explains that the Bill will only allow responsible innovative treatments for people with serious illnesses, who have run out of other standard and trial options. He goes on to discuss the rigorous safeguards being put in place to protect vulnerable patients.

12th August 2014 - BBC Radio 4, PM Programme with Eddie Mair

BBC Radio 4 - PM Programme with Eddie Mair

Charlie Chan is interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 afternoon news programme, PM, by Eddie Mair. The recent Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa has prompted the World Health Organisation to declare an international medical emergency. The WHO has sanctioned the use of ZMAPP, a novel antibody treatment for Ebola, which has been untested in humans. Could other untested drugs be tried in other extreme circumstances in the UK, for example in advanced cancer? The new Medical Innovation Bill, sponsored by Lord Saatchi, is discussed, and how this might benefit people in the UK in the future with serious illnesses.

8th August 2014 - BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Steve Kitchen show

BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Charlie Chan talks about the decision by NICE to turn down a new breast cancer drug, Kadcyla. The main reason was cost, as a treatment cost is up to £90,000 per patient. Drug pricing is a controversial topic. Bringing a new drug to market can cost £1 billion per new drug, once the R&D and trial costs are accounted for. If one has something like a new blood pressure tablet, suitable for 100,000s people per year, the unit drug cost can be relatively low. But in the case of cancer drugs like Kadcyla, with 1-2000 suitable patients per year, the unit cost can be very high, so that the R&D costs can be recouped. Roche, the manufacturers of Kadcyla, had negotiated a discounted price for Kadcyla with NICE and the NHS, but this was still deemed too expensive. This is now the 8th successive medicine for advanced breast cancer, which has been refused NHS funding, on grounds of cost.

1st August 2014 - BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Mark Cummings show

BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Charlie Chan discusses the news headlines about the risk of breast cancer in oral contraceptive users, following the publication of a study by Beaber et al from Seattle in Cancer Research. Although using the contraceptive pill can increase the risk of breast cancer in young women, the extra risk is very small (similar to the individual annual risk of dying in a road accident). Also the risk of breast cancer falls over ten years back to non-pill user levels, after the individual stops taking the pill. The contraceptive pill also reduces the risk of women getting ovarian and womb (endometrial) cancer. Hence, women using the oral contraceptive pill should not be too alarmed by the recent news.

20th May 2014 - BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Mark Cummings show

BBC Radio Gloucestershire 20/5/2014

Charlie Chan comments on the recent surge in genetic testing for cancer and the effect of celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, and other media stories, such as the story line in the BBC Eastenders soap opera.

4th May 2014 - Sunday Express - How a friend gave Dr Feelgood legend a chance of life

Charlie Chan talking about his friend, Wilko Johnson, and the dramatic change in fortune for the guitarist given ten months to live with terminal pancreatic cancer.

2nd April 2014 - Saatchi Medical Innovation Bill - Charlie Chan comments on why this Bill is important and how it will change the way in which we treat people with life threatening disease.

Medical Innovation Bill

24th February 2014 - Daily Telegraph - Lord Saatchi launches the consultation on his Medical Innovation Bill - Live

Lord Saatchi launches the public consultation for his Bill, which would enable doctors and patients to consider new innovative treatments, when all other conventional and trial treatment options have been exhausted. He is joined by a panel of experts at the House of Lords, including Charlie Chan.

3rd February 2014 - BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Chris Baxter show

BBC Radio Gloucestershire 3/2/2014

Charlie Chan discusses breast cancer in the over 70s and how one can encourage these ladies to see their doctors, as well as talking about treatment in this age group.

24th January 2014 - Macmillan Fund Support statement on cancer care in the elderly

Older cancer patients "should not be written off"

Macmillan Cancer Support have said that decisions on cancer care should be made based on a patient's fitness. not their age. We agree wholeheartedly with this and have always assessed patients based on their fitness. We have operated on fit ladies in their 90s with breast cancer, and performed breast reconstruction, when appropriate, on women in their 80s. In the BASO~ACS 2013 Conference (organised by Charlie Chan), the theme was "Cancer at the Extremes of Age" with a special emphasis on the elderly and the young.

6th January 2014 - Welcome to Helen Rankin, our new Breast Care Nurse. Helen has over 15 years experience as a senior Breast Care Nurse in the local NHS. She will be working with our existing Breast Care Nurse, Louise Bayntun. We are delighted that she will bring a wealth of expertise to help support all our patients.

3rd January 2014 - All patients seen since November 2013 were offered an appointment within one working day as part of our new upgraded service.

12th December 2013 - Results from large international trial on breast cancer prevention published in the Lancet. (Charlie Chan - local Principal Investigator)

The Lancet 12th December 2013

December 2013 - Now offering a new option in breast reconstruction using SeriScaffold - a new silk derived bio-scaffold from Allergan.

2013 NHS Choices Website - Fiona Court edits and advises NHS on breast implant surgery information for the public.

2013 NHS Choices Website on Breast Implant Surgery edited by Fiona Court

26th November 2013 Daily Telegraph - Harley Street Surgeon's 34G breast implants 'were too big and heavy'

Breast surgery expert, James Bristol, giving evidence about a Harley Street surgeon's practice at his Linea Cosmetic clinic.

Daily Telegraph 26th November 2013

November 2013 -  Appointments now available every weekday, with next day availability.

21st November 2013 - Charlie Chan officially opens EMBRACE in Worcester, the first boutique to keep women with cancer looking beautiful. Wonderfully appointed and thought out by one of our patients, who decided to make a shopping haven for women in their time of need.

Shop front

Wide selection of hats, wigs, pretty underwear, nightwear, swimwear, breast forms, specially formulated cosmetics, false eyebrows, lavender pillows, giftware and more

2 dressing/fitting rooms upstairs, just like Stella McCartney!

26th September 2013 Saga Magazine - 'Breast cancer test - a gene come true'

Charlie Chan interviewed about Oncotype DX.

26th September 2013 BBC Radio 5 Live - Shelagh Fogarty Show

Charlie Chan interviewed about Oncotype DX and its approval by NICE

29th April 2013 Daily Mail - 'The gene test that shows breast cancer patients if they REALLY need chemotherapy'

Charlie Chan talks about Oncotype DX and how it helps some women decide about whether to have chemotherapy.

Daily Mail 29th April 2013

24th April 2013 BBC Radio 4 - Breast cancer & tamoxifen

Charlie Chan talks about Breast Cancer & Tamoxifen on 'Inside Health' with Dr Mark Porter

BBC Radio 4 24th April 2013

18th August 2012 Daily Mail "Should you be taking aspirin every day?"

Charlie Chan comments in the Daily Mail on the evidence for taking aspirin to prevent breast cancer.

Daily Mail 18th August 2012

10th January 2012 Letter received today from Breast Implant Reconstruction Patient

'As one of your breast implant patients I would like to thank you and the other County surgeons for your swift response to the PIP crisis (Gloucestershire Echo - 22nd December 2011). It was so reassuring to be informed quickly that no women treated on the NHS or at the Cheltenham Nuffield Hospital had had PIP implants for either cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. The early clarification of the situation in Gloucestershire meant that the worry was removed immediately for many women, such as myself.

When a situation like this arises and everything is thrown into doubt, it is reassuring to know that the expertise and care that we all witnessed first hand still carries on tirelessly in the background on our behalf.'

10th January 2012 News Article on PIP implants in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Echo 10th January 2012

5th January 2012 How to check that your PIP implants are intact

Whilst we have never used PIP implants, we understand that there is a lot of confusion about the best way to check these and other implants. The 'gold standard' test is a MRI scan of the breast. This is the most accurate way to detect implant rupture and is significantly more accurate than ultrasound. This is our preferred technique when we investigate women with concerns, whether they have PIP or other brands of implants.

We are extremely fortunate in having one of the best Breast MRI units in the country in Cheltenham. The Breast MRI unit, at the Cheltenham Imaging Centre, is run by the Cobalt Appeal Fund, a leading local charity committed to providing high quality imaging. This medical charity was established in 1964 and all proceeds are reinvested into state of the art imaging equipment (such as open MRI and CT/PET scanners) and supporting local cancer research.

The unit has NHS contracts with Gloucestershire. Worcestershire and Avon PCTs and also receives private referrals from all over the UK (including London) and abroad. It is also recognised by all major insurers. The Breast MRI radiology service is led by Professor Iain Lyburn, who also directs the NHS Gloucestershire Breast Screening Service.

If a woman is keen to have her implants checked with a MRI scan, this can be easily arranged. A MRI request will need to be completed by your GP or surgeon. The current cost for a Breast MRI to check implants is £218. To arrange a MRI scan, please phone 0800 138 7201 at the Cobalt Appeal Fund

4th January 2102 Update on Defective French PIP Implants

We would like to confirm again that none of our surgeons have ever used PIP implants at the Cheltenham Nuffield or at Cheltenham General Hospital (or indeed anywhere else). Although approximately 160 women received PIP implants in hospitals belonging to the Nuffield Health Group, we would like to reiterate that these implants have never been used in Cheltenham.

Charlie Chan has been interviewed again on BBC Radio Gloucestershire today about this very serious issue. To hear his comments,please listen to the Breakfast show broadcast on BBC iPlayer starting at 1.21.50

BBC Radio Gloucestershire interview - morning news 4th January 2012

We appreciate that there are many women in Gloucestershire, who may have had surgery performed elsewhere with PIP implants. Our advice would be to contact their surgeon and/or clinic for further information. We would hope that your original surgeon and/or clinic should view your concerns sympathetically and offer you every assistance with this. However, if women with PIP implants would like instead to see one of our surgeons to arrange a consultation and ultrasound/MRI scan, then we would be very happy to see you to check the current state of your implants. However, we would urge you to check with your original clinic that they will reimburse the cost of your scans etc. We appreciate how vulnerable people may feel in the current circumstances and we would not wish to cause any further upset.

Defective French PIP Breast Implants

We would like to reassure all our patients as we have NEVER used breast implants made by the now defunct French company, Poly Implant Prosthese PIP. None of our surgeons have ever used these implants in our NHS or Private patients. Women treated at the Cheltenham Nuffield and Cheltenham General Hospitals have only had implants from one of the three major implant manufacturers ie Mentor, Nagor and Allergan (formerly known as McGhan). These three companies have long track records, each over 25 years, with a history of technological innovation, high quality safety testing and robust back up.

Although none of the women that we have operated on in Gloucestershire have had PIP implants, some women in the County may have had PIP implants inserted by surgeons working for one of the major High Street name cosmetic providers at hospitals outside Gloucestershire. If they have concerns, then they should contact the clinic where they were treated.

Oncotype DX Genetic testing for breast cancer patients

We are now able to offer patients with breast cancer a new genetic test, which gives an accurate assessment of the risk of cancer recurrence for each individual woman. It also helps predict the likely benefit of chemotherapy for individual patients, to help inform patient choice. Reimbursement for this test is covered by most, but not all major health insurers.

BREFORM 'Internal Bra'

All 3 of our surgeons, Fiona Court, Charlie Chan & James Bristol are now able to offer the new BREFORM  'INTERNAL BRA' breast uplift or breast reduction. Up to 60% of women having the new BREFORM operation no longer need to wear a bra, as the BREFORM technique provides internal support within the breast to stop the breast sagging over time. Fiona Court has recently been interviewed by the media about BREFORM and her comments can be seen in the Daily Mail, Gloucestershire Echo, Cotswold Style and Fox News in the USA.

Embarrassing Bodies - Channel 4 TV

Fiona Court has recently appeared on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies with Dr Dawn Harper. She discusses the tests performed in a normal breast clinic consultation including mammography.